" Nourishing Health "

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Often the hardest part of making healthy changes is just getting started. Explore! Discover! Incorporate changes! Be Intently Sound! Invest in your well-being by committing to the “Nourishing Health” series of six dynamic experiential sessions. Each session is about 2 ½ hours and builds on the previous one. With a group of others, explore practical aspects of nutrition, use nutrition as a metaphor to discover how to feed the multiple dimensions of wholeness, and learn to incorporate wellness practices into everyday life.


Week 1:  Dimensions of nutrition

  • Associations we have with food, cooking, and eating
  • What it means to nourish the body, mind, and soul
  • Studies related to nutrition
  • Breakfast as a starting point

Week 2:  De-cluttering the pantry

  • Effects of clutter in our lives
  • What foods our bodies do better without
  • Making space and preparing for good nutrition
  • Reading and understanding food labels
  • Planning and preparing healthy meals despite a busy life

Week 3:  Naturally healthy food choices

  • Nature, biorhythms, and seasons of life
  • Impact of organic, seasonal, and local on health
  • Good choices while weighing pros and cons
  • Making good use of the freezer and other convenience devices

Week 4:  Rainbow Eating

  • Influence of sun, water, color on food and mood
  • Phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins in food
  • “Energy” inherent in food and influenced by preparation
  • Seasonal body energy and food preparation

Week 5:  Detoxification and Special Concerns

  • Recognizing and facing challenges
  • Elimination diet and food sensitivities
  • Cleansing and support of organ system energies
  • Fun and tasty eating despite constraints

Week 6:  Learning from experiences

  • Honoring our journey
  • Reflections on sessions
  • “Polymeal” vs. Super-pill
  • Celebration and food


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Fall 2009 "Nourishing Health" Workshop Series was great fun!

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images from that workshop

Contact Dalinda
for further offerings of the
“Nourishing Health” Workshop Series. Dates, time, location, and focus will depend on the needs and make up of the group. .

Christiane Phitan

Christiane Pithan joins Dalinda in developing and presenting this “Nourishing Health” workshop series. Christiane is a Health and Wellness Coach with a Master's degree in nutrition, and with training in Mind-Body Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, TCM and Chinese dietary therapy. Prior to moving to Canada in August 2008, Christiane was involved with research and teaching in a Mind-Body Clinic in Essen, Germany. That particular clinic is partnered with the Mind-Body Institute of Harvard Medical School.   Read More