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Integrative Wellness Consultations

An Integrative Wellness Consultation is a co-created individualized wellness action plan for Intentionally Sound Health.

Together we look at your sense of wellbeing, your health concerns (body, mind, and “heart”), and at what’s working and what’s not working for you. From there we prioritize goals and explore where to best focus efforts. We can then create plan that is doable and find a way to track progress. It may be that the work can easily be carried out independently. Or the plan may lead to further work together in specific areas such as nutrition, stress reduction, or “heart listening” work. Occasionally referral to a physician, therapist, body worker or other health care professional may be most appropriate.

Forms such as questionnaires, a symptoms or stressors journal, a food diary, or others, may be used to increase the individual’s awareness surrounding his/ her health concerns. It is also important for him or her to be aware of what sort of testing and/ or treatment has been done regarding those issues. Tuning in to the body’s wisdom, to the mind’s beliefs or understandings, and to the intuitive sense of things how it resonates with the deepest core of who you are are all important parts of healing. Illustrations, dialogue, or biofeedback are some of the ways of helping one “tune in.” Discussions of useful questions to consider in weighing potential available resources can help the individual determine a plan of action, evaluate its effectiveness, and recognize what seems to make him or her intently sound.”

 Integrative Wellness may help:

  • Stressed?

  • Worried about health?
  • Lousy diet?
  • Confusing health advice?
  • Tired? Or Sluggish?
  • Overworked/ Overwhelmed?
  • Out of sync/ Out of sorts/ Out of shape?
  • Disconnected?
  • Just not well?

Still wondering if this is for you? Ask Dalinda.

Dalinda is happy to discuss whether any of these services might be a fit for you. She can be contacted by phone or e-mail.

Phone 519-502-5987

e-mail  dreese@intentlysound.com



The information, opinions, and discussion offered here are for informational purposes only. This is not intended as medical advice. This is not intended as a substitute or replacement for medical care. Please see your health care practitioner.

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