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One need not be spiritual or religious, although one may be either or both! Spiritual Direction is for those who are ready to explore the deep mystery of life and their relationship to that mystery in an intentional and sound way.

Spiritual Direction is a gracious, forgiving, and deeply rich work of being Present. It is not pastoral counseling or psychotherapy. Rather, it is all about attending to those dimensions of life that we often ignore or take for granted. It is about “tuning in” to what you heart already knows. It is about using the language and the metaphors we are comfortable with as a starting point for exploring the sacred dimensions of life. A Spiritual Director is a spiritual companion who pays attention with you and listens deeply from the heart, in a manner that is loving, supportive, and responsible.

Because of the intense and personal nature of this work, it is important to find a Spiritual Director with whom there is a “good fit” or with whom there is a good degree of trust and comfort. The role of the Spiritual Director is to listen with you as you discover and deepen your own spiritual path. While this is not about the Spiritual Director’s spiritual path, you may want to know a bit about his or her spirituality. For example, one seeking me out for spiritual direction may wish to know that I am in training with the Lev Shomea (Listening Heart)Jewish Spiritual Direction program. Also, while I am authentically and intently Jewish, my history is a bit unusual. I was born and raised in a loving and devout Christian home and I am grateful that I continue to enjoy a rich relationship with my parents. I have first hand knowledge and appreciation of both traditions and am involved in broader interfaith dialogue. Further, I am comfortable using both secular/ scientific language and spiritual/ religious language in dialogue.

Spiritual Direction