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Intently Sound Services



The intent behind Integrative Wellness Consultations is sound health. The focus is on optimizing and balancing the well-being of the whole person. This is essentially about helping one maintain or re-build health. >>READ MORE


biofeedbackLife Balance & Stress reduction

Stress can be good. It can get us going or move us out of harm’s way. But too much and/or prolonged and chronic stress is unhealthy. It throws things out of balance.  Chronic stress has a significant negative impact on one’s health. Among other things, it depresses the immune system, accelerates aging, and depletes energy.  >>READ MORE


Eating well is an important part of being intently sound. Sadly, food that is fast, packaged, and cheap is usually quite unhealthy. What we eat, when and how we prepare our food, and even the attitude we bring to eating are all aspects that affect our health. >>READ MORE



One need not be spiritual or religious, although one may be either or both!  Spiritual Direction is for those who are ready to explore the deep mystery of life and their relationship to that mystery in an intentional and sound way. >>READ MORE



Be Intently Sound! Invest in your well-being by committing to six weekly 2 ½ hour workshops. With a group of others, explore practical aspects of nutrition, use nutrition as a metaphor to discover multiple dimensions of wholeness, and learn to incorporate wellness practices into daily life. >>READ MORE