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Christiane Pithan





Christiane Pithan

...joins Dalinda in developing and presenting this “Nourishing Health” workshop series. Christiane is a Health and Wellness Coach with a Master's degree in nutrition, and with training in Mind-Body Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, TCM and Chinese dietary therapy. Prior to moving to Canada in August 2008, Christiane was involved with research and teaching in a Mind-Body Clinic in Essen, Germany. That particular clinic is partnered with the Mind-Body Institute of Harvard Medical School .

Selected and Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae


Training in Mindfulness and Visualization Techniques
April 2008, Private Institute of Psychotherapy, Luneburg, Germany

Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine/ Chinese Dietary Therapy
July 2006- April 2008, University of Witten-Herdecke, Witten Germany

Graduate course in Holistic Nutrition
July 2005- October 2006, Gleben Germany

Training and Certification in Mind Body Medicine
June 2001- August 2006, University of Dulsburg-Essen, Germany and Mind Body Medical Institute of Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts

Masters Degree in Nutritional Science
November 1990-March 1997, University of Hohenhelm, Stuttgart, Germany


Mind Body Medicine Researcher and Instructor
June 2001- August 2008, Essen Germany