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Quantum Biofeedback

biofeedbackBiofeedback is a way of measuring information from your body and then “feeding it back” to you in some form so that you can learn to (relax and) influence your physiology and/or muscle tension. Deep breathing, meditation or Remembered Wellness, and temperature biofeedback are all forms of biofeedback accessible to anyone. This awareness or learning can help restore balance, may help decrease pain, and often increases one’s sense of wellbeing. The learning itself may take place on a non-rational level. (Most of us did not learn how to walk by “thinking” about it.)

Quantum Biofeedback is based on principles of quantum physics and subtle energies. Subtle energies are purported energies that are difficult to measure or quantify. Energy is inherent in any living system. Electrical and/ or magnetic measuring devices are in common use in medicine. EKGs, EEGs, and MRIs are used diagnostically. Pulsed Electromagnetic devices are used to speed bone healing. It should be remembered that there was a time when these energies were not measurable! In Quantum Biofeedback, pulses of subtle vibrations are used to measure and feedback information about and to corresponding energies of the brain and muscles.

For an excellent scientific discussion of energy principles, see William Lee Rand’s interview of Dr. James Oschman on “Science and the Human Energy Field” Reiki News Magazine, Vol. One, Issue Three, Winter 2002. It is available as a .PDF >>http://www.reiki.org/Download/OschmanReprint2.pdfHERE 

Also, information of the LIFE System, the specific quantum biofeedback equipment used here can be found at http://life-sys.com/

A typical biofeedback visit includes:

  1. Discussion about biofeedback, what it is and isn’t. The first visit includes an informed consent to be sure questions have been asked and answered to your satisfaction and that the intent is clear.

  2. Discussion about perceived stressors and your intent for health.
  3. Demonstration and education in self-forms of biofeedback.
  4. Connection with LIFE System and running a Biofeedback session.
  5. Discussion of areas of stress balanced with the help of the LIFE System.
  6. Discussion of things to consider that might facilitate and/ or help maintain balance.

    biofeedback session


“My primary care doctor sent me to the ER,” complained Karen* (age 50). The previous night she had been rear-ended in a minor car accident and she was still having whiplash symptoms of head, neck and shoulder pain.
“I can understand why he would do that,” I said. Having trained and previously practiced as an MD, I am very aware of physician concerns about Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) modalities. Among those concerns is that a patient may choose CAM and thus delay or avoid needed and appropriate medical intervention.

Fortunately, Karen’s X-Rays were negative and she was discharged with a prescription for pain meds. However, the next morning she was still in pain and unable to go to work. After discussing reasonable options she could consider, she chose to start with biofeedback. Thus we proceeded with her first session.

“That was weird!” she said as she described the various sensations she felt during the session. (Most people just report feeling relaxed.) “But the pain is completely gone!” And it has not returned.

*Not her real name. Used with permission.

On a personal note:..

Both Karen and I are skeptics and were quite honestly amazed by this experience. Besides any signals that may come from the LIFE machine, there are certainly other factors that can contribute to this particular outcome. Several things come to mind. This was an acute event and not a chronic problem. Karen and I have a trusting relationship with each other. Though skeptical, we were both open to seeing what might happen. We both set and focused on an intention for health. AND Karen actually spent 45 minutes sitting in a chair relaxing. That is something that she rarely does. Hmm... relaxation. That is indeed the point of biofeedback.





The information, opinions, and discussion offered here are for informational purposes only. This is not intended as medical advice. This is not intended as a substitute or replacement for medical care. Please see your health care practitioner.

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