About Dalinda Reese
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Dalinda Reese, MD (USA), MTS


Dalinda Reese is an Integrative Wellness Practitioner who has training and experience in both Mainstream Medicine and in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) modalities. From her own life experience, Dalinda knows that true health requires an integration of well-being in body, mind, and soul.

Dalinda’s work with clients is very participatory. It enables clients to explore, discover, and utilize their own resources for intentionally sound health. Besides work with clients, Dalinda facilitates CAM tutorials for McMaster medical students. She is available for workshops or lectures on topics as varied as integrative health, nutrition, spirituality, life balance, biofeedback, and more.

In 1981, Dalinda graduated from University of Michigan Medical School and moved to Richmond, Virginia. Following residencies and Board Certification (USA) in Internal Medicine and in Anesthesia, Dalinda practiced Anesthesia in Virginia for 20 years. A move to Canada in 2005 allowed Dalinda to pursue lifelong interests in holistic health. She earned a Masters in Theological Studies (University of Waterloo, 2008) and completed a Fellowship Program in Integrative Medicine (University of Arizona, 2009). In 2010 she completed training programs in Spiritual Direction (Elat Chayyim Institute for Jewish Spirituality) and Orthomolecular Nutrition (College of International and Holistic Studies).

Contact Dalinda:

If you are getting the needed medical care from your doctors, but still have concerns and feel like you don’t know enough to ask questions.


If you want to sort through your health concerns with an individualized wellness action plan.


If you feel like stress is affecting your health and you would like to restore a sense of balance in your life..


If you are ready to “listen deeply” to what your heart knows.


If you want to explore your spirituality and relate it to other parts of your life.