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Integrative Wellness

Integration is all about bringing together seemingly separated pieces and approaches into an authentic whole. Integrative Wellness is an approach to health that recognizes the multidimensional nature of our well-being. It is all about being intently sound: “tuning in” and bringing together body, mind, and soul in ways that “ring true” to that deepest sense of who we are. It is from this place that we can weigh the spectrum of health care options available to us. It is also from this place that we can find the motivation to discover and live in ways that optimally support and nurture our health. health.

Dalinda Reese MD (USA), MTS

For 25 years, Dalinda had a career in conventional medicine that was both rewarding and draining. Now, after a period of transition and discoveries in her own journey to sound health, Dalinda is passionate about sharing information and inspiration with others. >>READ MORE


The information, opinions, and discussion offered here are for informational purposes only. This is not intended as medical advice. This is not intended as a substitute or replacement for medical care. Please see your health care practitioner.

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Integrative Wellness

The intent of Integrative Wellness Consultations is sound health.  >>read more

Life Balance & Stress Reduction
Reduce stress and restore a sense of balance in your life...
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What we eat, how we prepare our food, and even the attitude we bring to eating affects our health.
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Spiritual Direction
for those who are ready to explore the deep mystery of life and their relationship to that mystery in an intentional and sound way
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Intently Sound Workshops
Explore practical aspects of nutrition, use nutrition to discover multiple dimensions of wholeness,
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